Friday, November 4, 2011

What I'm listening to: Christmas

This has been a Christmassy week, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Christmas songs that I've been listening to this week.

In addition to various versions of O Holy Night, I've been listening to a lot of David Crowder*Band's Christmas album, Oh for Joy. I have an interesting relationship with David Crowder I tend to fall madly in love with certain songs and not care for others. That said, I am really enjoying the album so far and have added it to my "recommended listens."

Even if you don't care for a hoe-down-esque dance party (Angels We Have Heard on High) or long vampy sections (Silent Night) you can't deny that DC*B can bring the worship. I mean they have a way of building an average song up to a holy spirit explosion (The First Noel).

While there are a few interesting additions that I haven't decided on yet, like the Hallelujah refrain they added to O Holy Night or the outtro to Silent Night, I absolutely loved The First Noel  and even enjoyed Joy to the World, one of my least favorite Christmas songs. I'm a huge TSO fan so the rocking Carol of the Bells/Chrsitmas Eve (Sarajevo) medley kicked me in the pants; it was a nice way to end the album.

Aside from David Crowder*Band, I've been listening to some favorite discoveries from last year: The Hotel Cafe Presents...Winter Songs and Phil Wickham's Songs for Christmas, and one of my all time favorite Christmas albums: A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I just bought A Very She & Him Christmas ($5 on!) and am very excited to crack it open!

Figuratively, it was an mp3 download...

What are you listening to??

P.S. Here's a little present to happy up your day!


  1. I'm all about the Christmas music right now too. I love Shawn Mcdonald's version of O Holy Night. Sarah Mclachlan has some good Christmas stuff, and Jaci Velasquez has a Christmas CD I really like. Oh, and I am not a big Point of Grace fan, but I do like their Christmas stuff.

  2. HOW have I never heard Shawn McDonald sing O Holy Nigh??? Holy cow, that's awesome. I will be downloading that today. I really like Sarah Mclachlan's Christmas stuff too which makes me wonder why don't I own that one? Hmmm...

    I also have higher tolerance for a lot of artists especially female groups (like Point of Grace) when they're singing christmas songs.