Friday, November 4, 2011

Honor+Compassion Initiative

Normally I don't like doing double posts in one day (as content is thin around here...*sheepish*) but this warranted a "FRICKING AWESOME!!!!" from me on twitter so I am dropping a double-post Friday!!

I'm a big fan of Elevation Church for many reasons, and today I added one more. Elevation Worship is releasing a new worship album on November 22nd called "For the Honor." As part of their ministry with this album, they have partnered with Compassion International and committed to funding a Child Survival Program in the Kamwokya slum outside of Kampala, Uganda for one year.

From their website:
On November 22, we release our new album “For The Honor.” And while we’re excited for you to hear these new songs from our first live record, we also wanted to capture the opportunity to be generous with this release. So, we’re partnering with Compassion’s Child Survival Program to help support the people in Kamwokya, one of the poorest slums in Uganda’s capital city. On the weekend we release “For The Honor” to our church, we’ll be giving away Elevation’s proceeds to the women and children of Kamwokya through Compassion International. In addition, on November 22, when the album releases nationwide, we’re giving away our proceeds from the digital release on iTunes to support them as well.
You can purchase the album on November 22nd on iTunes (sorry Amazon, I'm ditching you for one day only). As a bonus, I think it's going to be a really great album if this is any indication:

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