Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Begins...

I pulled out my Christmas Playlist on my Amazon Cloud Player today. This bodes well for me as I had kind of a grinchy Christmas last year.

Long story.

So, the fact that I'm getting the Christmas itch already, despite the joke of a summer we had here in Eastern WA, is encouraging.

As I was shuffling through Josh Groban and A Charlie Brown Christmas, David Crowder*Band's version of Oh Holy Night rose to the surface. This recording was recommended to me by my good friend Whitney, who appreciates my neurotic obsession with finding the perfect recording of Oh Holy Nighta topic which I will not get into here (you're welcome). You can read last year's post if you're interested.

I'm not sure why I'm getting the itch so early but I'm going to go with it and start the 2011 hunt and I'm looking for suggestions!

To review:
My stand-by recording for the years has been Celine Dion; she rocks vocally, but, if we're being honest, her style kinda bugs me. The biggest surprise of 2010 was Phil Wickham and I'm going to call David Crowder*Band my first kill of 2011.

I know there are hundreds out there, so hit me up with your favorite recordings of this holiday favorite or record one of your own!!

Here are a few I've already heard

Hit: Mormon Tabernacle Choir*

Near Hits:
Celine Dion
Phil Wickham
David Phelps

On the Fence
David Crowder*Band
Josh Groban
Carrie Underwood
Charlotte Church
Mariah Carey
Mario Lanza
Celtic Women

Kelly Clarkson :'(
Avril Lavigne
Martina McBride
Clay Aiken
David Archuleta
N Sync
Christina Aguillera
Jessica Simpson

*Choral and instrumental recordings don't really count, I'm looking for a solo or small ensemble recording

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