Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Compassion Sunday 2011: Holly Starr

With Compasion Sunday 2011 coming up fast on April 10th, I'm taking the opportunity to tell you about a girl that I love!

If you have never heard of Holly Starr, stop right now and listen to this:

That is a track from Holly's debut album Embraced and it has had a fast and furious ride to success since its release in 2008
**To see other videos, visit Holly's YouTube channel.

Why do I mention Holly? Well first, she is a phenomenally talented young Christian artist. Secondly, her transition from average high school girl in a small farming town in Eastern Washington to nationaly recognized Christian musician will blow your mind. She's played at Creation Festival and Lifest, and is currently on tour throughout the US. On its release day, Holly's sophomore album, Tapestry, made it up to the #11 spot for Christian music on iTunes. Thinking about how God has worked throughout these past 5 years in Holly's life gives me goosebumps, it's just insane.

Even so, reviews of Holly always include words like "authentic," "down to earth," "hard working," "passion," and, of course, "talented." You can hear the deep passion she has for the Lord and for people welling up out of her heart when she speaks. I love listening to Holly talk about Jesus, it feels like I'm getting saved all over again.

But the most important reason, today, that I mention Holly is that she is also a Compassion Advocate like me. For me, being a Compassion Advocate means I talk about Compassion here and at my church. I try to explain Compassion's ministry and encourage people to get involved by sponsoring a child.

Holly does the same thing, only she does it from a stage. In Fall of 2009, Holly also had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador with Compassion International. You can read her own account of that experience at hollystarrmusic.com. As an advocate, Holly has committed to using her music to, among other things, share Compassion's ministry with people and release children from poverty in Jesus' name. This is a powerful thing and I'm so blessed by her decision to partner with Compassion in this way.

If you want to listen to a sample of Holly's music, you can visit her Myspace or Facebook pages or it's also available on iTunes and Amazon.

If you'd like the full experience, you can watch Holly Starr live THIS WEDNESDAY March 30th at the Wenatchee Valley Praise Center with Shawn McDonald (tickets are almost sold out so hurry!). Click here to view Holly's other tour dates.

Check her out, you'll be blessed! And take a few minutes to consider changing a child's life, it will be one of the most powerful and rewarding things you do.

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