Monday, February 7, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson

I learned a new term last week:

"soft market"

Basically, this refers to a market that has more sellers than buyers. In Econ 101 this translates to "lower prices." Awesome if you're looking for good deal on a used bike, somewhat less awesome if you're trying to sell a house.

After a brief meeting with my realtor on Thursday, I texted my friend Leah:

"God's setting me up to be humbled..."

I say this with a wry smile on my face because, though I know that He's going to prove me wrong, I still can't change my heart.

Yet, it also excites me just a little to know that this is something I would never have believed four years ago. This does not mean that, four years ago, I wouldn't have welcomed the surprise provision of the Lord, but rather that I could not have admitted that I didn't trust him.


Sometimes it’s painfully slow. Sometimes we move sideways before we move forward. Sometimes we have to be broken down before we are built up again.

Four years ago, even one year ago, I would have told you that I was exactly where God wanted me to be, that I was happy in that place. But the truth is that God had called me to higher ground and I was afraid. I didn’t see how I could walk to that place without stumbling or failing outright. So I stopped walking on His path. I started laying out my own side paths along the leveler ground.

I bought a house.

I walked into a situation, led by my fear and pride rather than the Lord. But this is one situation I cannot control; God has to perform a little real estate miracle and that puts me in an uncomfortable position.

I have to trust Him.

Ah trust, remember that one?

God lays a path and He shows us the steps to take, but only He can give us the grace to walk. When our path starts going uphill, we have two options. We can start walking, knowing our strength will fail, or we can decide that we’re satisfied with less than God’s plan.

Four years ago, I chose the second option. I chose to accept less rather than give God permission to disappoint me or even humble me.

For the first time in my life, I see the insufficiency of my strength…but I’m walking.

And that’s exciting.

So...wanna buy a house?

--Sarah Elizabeth

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