Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten "Mountain Top" Moments

10 “Mountain-Top” Moments

I was remembering a couple of truly revolutionary moments/experiences in my walk with the Lord and thought, “What a great topic to consider!” So, in the spirit of the viral spread of the 25-Random-Fact-esque notes, I put forward the challenge to list ten things (or more) that have had a significant effect on your walk with the Lord, thus far at least. They don’t have to be single “moments” but as specific as possible.

So here they are, in no particular order

1. When I was 11 or 12, my brothers had come home from Summit and were talking about some awesome things the Lord had taught them. Without retelling stories that aren’t mine, it took the sacrifice of Jesus Christ from a generality, “Jesus dies for the sins of the world,” and made it personal, “Jesus died for me.” I was having a bit of an emotional experience as is my tendency saying something like, “I can’t believe He died just for me…” And one of my brothers said, “You know what the best part is? He still lives.” It’s one of my most vivid memories and if I could put one magical “start-date” to my personal walk with the Lord, that moment would be it. I love you guys!
2. Listening to “In the Light” by DC Talk in the bathroom of the little trailer-the first time I realized that, often, music communicates my heart to the Lord better than words.
3. I can’t pinpoint a single instance, but waking up early (no THAT didn’t happen very often) and seeing my dad with His coffee and his bible. Or watching him still getting weepy as he shares something the Lord spoke to his heart, after decades of walking with Him. You know how the Church in Ephesus was rebuked by the Lord for leaving its first love? That will NEVER be a charge against my Dad.
4. Reading Mere Christianity and realizing that smart people are Christians too
5. Watching my beautiful friend Katie Ann’s never-failing servant heart
6. Reading and talking about Romans 8-10 with Angie at Souplantation. Totally changed my perspective on the sovereignty and glory of God and His justice. It was such a blessed time, I miss you Ang! Thanks Ang (and Johnny) for introducing me to Mr Piper!
7. Countless evening-to-late-night conversations with Debbi (and the events that prompted them), pouring her wisdom into me, exhorting, encouraging and putting band-aids on my heart.
8. 2nd Cor and Josh Turansky, realizing that God’s voice is the loudest when we just listen to what He’s saying... Hermeneutics with Jeff Christianson, “Application is many…Interpretation is ONE,” see I was listening! Thank you, guys, for helping God open His word to me.
9. Reading, 1st, Hosea at bible college and then “Kissed the Girls and Made them Cry” –Lisa Bevere, after I forgot everything that Hosea had taught me. Thanks LeeAnn!
10. Going to Haiti, falling in love with the kids and the people. I left part of my heart there.

So, yeah, you know the drill...go!

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