Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a sleeping giant

a 63 year old man attempted suicide yesterday.  he jumped off of a bridge about a half an hour from where i'm sitting because he didn't want to live anymore.  
almost as tragic as this horrible reality is the overwhelmingly apathetic response to it.  why don't such things shock us anymore?  why are we more often irritated by such things then moved by them?  "that coward!  why doesn't he think about his family?" 
LORD forgive me for not being broken by the hopelessness of man.  thank you, LORD, for giving him another chance, for not allowing him to throw his life away just yet.  please bring people into this man's life who can shine your light in the darkness that surrounds him.  till up the soil of his heart so that seeds can grow there.  speak to him by Your Spirit, Lord.  thank you for Your unending compassion, may we live to mimic you.

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