Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i was thinking today about a particular issue, maybe of less importance than others but important nonetheless, on which i have been somewhat vocal in the past.  while i have personal convictions about this issue i have tried (in theory) to not press it on others.  in any case it tends to make people a bit defensive.  coming up with all sorts of ridiculous and unbiblical reasons that they do not think as i do.  granted i don't think that everyone has to think as i do, but i've never heard a good argument to the contrary.  it makes me wonder why peopel resort to human logic and wisdom to defend their position, as i analyze why individuals choose this way and refuse to stretch beyond their assumptions and be made uncomfortable, i realize i have missed the point entirely.

for the sake of some, arguably, less important issue i have meandered my way into pride and out of grace.  my conviction is not less strong but this is not a point of honor in my life.  in choosing what i think is a better way in this lesser issue, i have sinned in the greater issue.  as i draw nearer to God i separate myself from him through pride.  its a marvelous contradiction.

Lord forgive my pride and how i have hurt others with it.  give me the grace to be humble, to maintain the convictions you have given me without puffing myself up or looking down on my brothers and sisters. tear away my pride that poisons my spirit and separates me from You.

forgive me, Father

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