Sunday, November 23, 2008


i had a big fat blessing in disguise today! i recently made some unwise decisions that were most definitely of my flesh and not of my spirit. i committed to something that, though it wasn't sinful, it was definitely not wise or profitable to me or to the Kingdom of God. as i was struggling with regret over this decision and worrying about the consequences the Lord made it so i was forced to withdraw from this commitment. although it is a source of some embarrassment to be sure, i am so blessed that the Lord freed me from this obligation. even beyond this i have been able to be encouraged by this situation rather than resentful. it has motivated me to move to an even deeper level of commitment with ALL facets of my life.

as i continue to pray for the Lord to set me apart for his service yet keep a piece for myself, by my own request, the Lord has created this awesome place where it is easier to choose him. sadly this is because when i choose myself the consequences are increasingly negative. yet i can be grateful for these consequences for they show clearly the difference between walking in grace and walking in the flesh.

so if you're reading this, pray for me! because at this point if i continue to choose myself the mess i make becomes increasingly painful to clean up. :o)

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