Tuesday, October 28, 2008


as i face the demands of my life i'm overwhelmed with the sense that i will never be able to get it all done.  that i'll never succeed.  i know i need the grace of God to make me able, but somehow doubt that it will be possible even with that.  as i'm singing along with my gal jennifer, i am hit with a highly concentrated Spirit-buzz.  it was as if God just plopped down right next to me and said, "you will, sarah, you will get it done.  because my grace IS sufficient for you.  MY strength is made perfect in weakness.  I have given this to you already, you can have confidence in that."  it was obviously not one of my own internal pep-talks because i actually believed it.  in a second, a half second, my fear and stress were gone and God was filling the spaces.  i realized in those moments, as i too often forget, how incredibly blessed i am to have this gift of grace.  be able to have absolute confidence because my success is not determined by my own will, abilities, or talents but on His perfection.  it may not be saying much where i'm concerned, but i was actually weepy thinking about it.  WHAT a blessing!  WHAT a truly wonderful existence i have to dwell in the realm of His grace and His agape love.  oh how He cares for us that he steps down into our lives administering comfort and confidence and sweeping away pain and fear.  i do not fully appreciate or understand this gift, in fact i come to expect it because i receive it so freely.  i cease to marvel at it, to view it as some priceless gift delivered in love from our divine Lov-er.  why would he bestow such grace...so GREAT a salvation on me?  because he loves me and because it pleases Him to do so. 

WHAT a blessing!  WHAT joy!  What new life!  What a truly marvelous existence we have in Christ.

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