Friday, March 9, 2012

What I'm listening to

My friend Cami kicks. Personal taste aside, she just flipping kicks. As an added bonus, she's actually an awesome person and I am really blessed to know her.

I've complained in the past about how few interesting and truly creative female artists there are in the Christian music scene. Cami is one of the few, though, honestly, she doesn't strictly fit into the "Christian" genre. She writes love songs and songs of struggle and triumph that speak to everyone. Stylistically she has a universal appeal, but her core is in Christ and that spills into all of her music. I love that.

Since she has written a lot of new material since releasing her last album, Anomalous, in 2009, I was incredibly excited to hear that they are making plans to do some recording this spring. I keep hoping she'll go all the way and sign with a label but, as so frequently happens with the most talented people, she seems to be content with her life as is. So y'all will just have to move to Washington to listen to this magic ;)

When she's not performing at venues like The Spokane Club, she leads worship at Life Center Church in Spokane, WA and takes pretty pictures. Cami and her band performed live on KCDA's Local Lounge on Sunday night (the recording is below).

This performance was especially fun because you get to hear the rest of the band interact, which is pretty hilarious. I had to lay down the law a little when they started poking fun at Kelly Clarkson, but we eventually made peace so all is well again.

My personal favorites are Loving You (part 1) and Sirens (part 2).

And This Ocean. And Something True. And the rest of them.

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