Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Blog: Haiti Hope

An honest and critical look at Welcome to Love reveals that things are getting a little confusing around here. When you walk into a particular business or event, you have expectations about what you experience is going to be. You don't go to a book club to learn about a "business opportunity" and you don't walk into a coffee shop expecting to get fast food (well, unless it's a Starbucks, but I digress).

But that's been happening around here, a Haiti post here, a Compassion post there, a book review & music review may even make it through the filter. This is confusing.

My apologies.

So, as part of some exciting new things taking place over the next few months, I am migrating all of my postings about Haiti to a new blog: Haiti Hope.

Welcome to Love is going back to its roots, my personal search for a deeper understanding of love, grace, and what it means to be a follower of Christ in the present day. I consider Compassion International a part of "what it means" so Compassion is still going to be a rock star around here. Be watching for some structural/visualchanges as well (more than normal!).

For it's part, Haiti Hope will be primarily dedicated to historical research, current events (political, economical, and social) humanitarian efforts and, most importantly hope for Haiti's future. While I admit that my religious, political and social worldview makes bias inevitable, I am not lobbying for any particular agenda. My goal is simply to gain a better understanding of Haiti and share that with you along with ways that you can get involved.

Come on over and visit!


  1. I smile because I have 4 about family, one about Compassion, one about teaching music and one about simple living. Some of us just can't handle the chaos and confusion of only one blog.

  2. If your blog is confusing, mine must be really confusing! Anyways, I look forward to having time this weekend to read what you have up on your Haiti blog so far.

  3. Jill, we'll see how I do at keeping them all updated!
    Becca, it may just be for my own sanity, the 9 people reading my blog probably are doing just fine ;) I am excited to hear your input on Haiti! In fact, we should just have a good Haiti-talk so I can hear more about your heart!