Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have a great week

I think I've discovered a magical God-portal inside my car. I'm not sure if the designers at Nissan have some secret Christian agenda or if the previous owner of my car spilled a vial of anointing oil, but I rarely experience God as intimately as I do inside of that car.

At any rate, I was out of town this weekend and had to drive home tonight, I stinking love that. Now, it could have been because I had just listened to a stellar message at church, the fact that I spent the weekend chewing on some personal issues, or I happened to have a great worship mix (maybe a combination of all three), but I had an amazing two-hour drive home.

Like crying-on-the-freeway awesome.

It was a great end to a challenging week and an awesome way to begin the next; I hope you have experienced the same. If not, give this song a listen and see if anything changes.
"He is love and we are free, He is love and we have found our peace.Our King has come."

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