Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh, the Joys of Traveling...

I took the day off to get my (FIVE!!) vaccinations that I need for my Haiti trip. I wasn't super excited, obviously, especially when I found out that I left my checkbook at home, 30 minutes away.

Not happy.

Fortunately, I ran into my friend Chelsey at the Health Department, and her baby, Ellie, smiled at me. Babies make everything better.

Then, I found out my friend Shellie was going to be giving me my injections, which made the whole thing more fun, if getting five injections is ever fun...

I have so much more respect for infants now.

(forgive the wonky perspective!)


  1. Ouch! I so totally know what that feels like. Happy you got a treat, you totally deserve it :)

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  3. Wow, I say totally too much. Maybe its the California girl in me :)

  4. Awwww what'd you say?? Thanks, I also had to go find my mommy to give me some sympathy :)

  5. We should have gone to lunch together...what was I thinking!?

  6. Shellie! What WERE you thinking? That's okay :) Now that I know where to find you I will find an excuse to come have lunch another day.

    Or you know, we actually live in the same town... ;)

  7. YIKES! Five at once? During my ten week training I got two just about every week so I'm pretty much over things. Hope your trip goes well!


  8. Heidi,
    That was MY thought exactly! I think the MMR was superfluous or my mom forged my immunizations to get me into public school ;) At any rate it should be this bad next time around! How's Rwanda????

  9. strike that *shouldn't be this bad next time around