Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Haiti, With Love

It's been about a month since I announced that I would be going to Haiti in November with Compassion International. I was working within a tight timeline to come up with the money for the trip but God came through in an amazing way; I am beyond blessed by those who decided to help me out financially. But even more, I have received so much encouragement from friends, acquaintances, mentors, even strangers; thank you.

God has already paved the way for this trip to happen, so I should have no more worries but, alas, control freaks are prone to worry; God continues to peel back my layers.

I would love your prayers as I work through these worries. The greatest of these worries is logistical issues. I may have the opportunity to spend some time with a church in Haiti that we support through my local church before I meet up with the Compassion team. This would be an incredibly blessing for me personally but it would also be a way to build up the relationship between our church and theirs.

It is hard to get around in Haiti as a foreigner. As a young women and a foreigner, especially an American, it's not safe for me to travel alone, so I have to find a way to get from A to B and from B to C, it's a bit of a challenge.

I'm not sure if this is just a bump in the road or if God is closing this door, either way, He's got it.

Sarah Elizabeth


  1. Will definitely be praying. God bless you as you journey!

  2. I don't know if I would make it any safer, but I would totally do all of it with you if I could! I have been saving change and other small bills here and there for 2 years specifically to travel to Haiti, and one of these days that money will be well spent :) I will def. be praying for you...keep us updated!

  3. Thanks Kalyn! P.S. I have a big fat email to you hanging out there in "draft" world! (My thoughts got to big for me).

    Becca, It may not make it safer but it would definitely make it better! Do you have a desitination/ministry in mind? I would love to make this an ongoing sort of thing rather than once every 10 years :) Keep me updated on your trip, yes?

  4. I know I want to meet my first Compassion child, Lorkems, but since I have done a Compassion tour and they never have them when I am on a break, I don't nec. need to go with Compassion. I would like to work with an orphanage who cares for special needs children and then spend a day or two to visit Lorkems, but I haven't researched any organizations very thoroughly...I would be open to doing other ministry as well, I just have to go when I am on a break from work (I work at a school, so usually around holidays) because I don't get vacation time. I actually trained to do disaster relief work right after the earthquake, but the org. I trained with does trips pretty much all the time other than around the holidays. Anyways...I am ready to go, so let me know when you want to start planning your next trip :)

  5. That's very cool! What was the organization you trained with?