Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rabbit Holes and Caffeine

I may have mentioned that I love coffee. Yes we all love coffee, but I love coffee to an indecent degree. I love silly things about coffe, nerdy, perhaps, even frivolous things about coffee, though I would never admit that to you in person.

I also love Google.

I love google because it enables me to know anything. Yes anything. Ignorance is banished, naivete begone! In fact, I couldn't remember the word "naivete" so I just googled it. This is a common occurrence for me. The trouble is I am interested in pretty much everything so I am constantly being distracted by the little "shiny" things on the page: mysterious links or references, further reading, blogs, etc.

It was funny until tabbed browsing came along. Now my pseudo A.D.D. has no limits; I have not yet run out of browser space. Right now I have 16 tabs open in this browser window, most relating to a couple of irritating audio/video editing programs that continue to befuddle me, but one is a coffee blog, one is my google reader, and I just realized I have my email open in two separate tabs.

This happened because today I mixed coffee and google: the result looked something like this:

Google: "noise reduction final cut express," scan,  r-click>open in new tab, ctrl-T: "noise reduction audacity," ctrl-T: "audacity plug-in directory mac," scan,  r-click>open in new tab, scan,  r-click>open in new tab, close 3 tabs, ctrl-T: "stable audacity version mac 2011," ctrl-T:  "convert soundslides to video," ctrl-T: "idvd encoding issues,"ctrl-T: "best format for soundslides to video conversion" "Compassion Haiti," ctrl-T: "Foursquare Haiti," scan, r-click>open in new tab, scan,  r-click>open in new tab, ctrl-T: "cheap-tickets," www-dot-facebook-dot-com, close tab, ctrl-t: "cheap international flight," close three tabs, r-click> open in new tab, pop-up, login to twitter, +follow, other followers, ctrl-T: "Gungor," close 2 tabs, r-click> in new window, ctrl-t: "haitian bleu," crtl-t: "Haiti direct trade coffee," ctrl-c, ctrl-T:" reader-dot-google-dot-com," ctrl-v, close 2 tabs, "mail-dot-google-dot-com," ctrl-T: "photoshop tutorial,"  r-click> close all tabs.

The upshot is that I do a lot without ever accomplishing anything. Does anyone else have this issue?

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