Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inconvenient Inspiration

I'm sitting in front my shiny new 13" Macbook Pro (I hate you, Apple) typing so quickly that I half expect the little chicklet keys to go flying.

I'm typing at unprecedented rates because I have been inspired and I'm writing. I love that!

I'm writing like I haven't in months. This must be what it's like for a whale breaching the surface of the first time in days...


I am sitting in front of my computer in my Husky sweats (Go DAWGS!) with raccoon eyes and crazy hair and I have to leave for work in 20 minutes...


Why does inspiration always hit when you don't have time to flesh it out or give it shape? 

I get my best "stuff" when I'm driving or when I'm at work. That's why I bought a digital recorder to keep in my purse so I could save my inspiration (this was before Evernote changed my life forever). Still you have to take those recordings, digital memos, and scribbled-upon napkins and translate them into something meaningful later

That's not inspiration, that's homework. Well, at least it is for me.

What's that dream you're diving into?

When are the "inconvenient times" that inspiration strikes you? You know, when you're miles away from your computer, guitar, or workshop?

What do you do to "catch" that inspiration and revive it later?
P.S. I'm really fishing for a, "when I'm changing Emma's diaper" here. Do you write it on a burp rag in Sharpie? Do you keep a notepad next to the Butt Paste?


  1. Most of the time my inspirations come either in the middle of the night or driving to work. At night I have to get up and write it down or I won't sleep...other times it will just swim around in my head all day, and by the time I sit down to write it out, it is all there, complete, just waiting to be put on paper. Sorry its not very dramatic. No butt paste involved :)

  2. Rebecca, Haha, that's fine, I may have just wanted an excuse to write "butt paste" in a blog post.

    I'm glad your process is more efficient than mine. I'm a little scatter brained and ADD so if I don't write something down NOW(!) I'm afraid I'll lose it.

    "Swim around" I like that :) I'm finding that sometimes it will take a few days (or weeks!) for an idea to "cook" before it's ready to be written. If I try to get it out too soon, it falls flat.

    I suspect that's God's way of guiding my writing.

    But once it starts coming out it's hard to stop it! Last night I got out of bed three times! This morning I went back and forth between my computer and curling iron about 6 times!