Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fasting: Receiving not Giving

Tonight at 7:00 PSD, my church, Ephrata Foursquare Church, is joining Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego and hundreds of other congregations nation-wide in week of prayer and fasting via Each night of the "week" (which is actually 4 days) we come together in body and online via webcast to pray and encourage each other. It's always a great time.

Inevitably, however, I approach this time as a challenge to "prove" how important God is by showing I can and will make this sacrifice for Him. Please don't believe that this is just another demonstration of my pride, though that is part of it. It has more to do with my constant need to offer God something.

I have a fear of weakness and serious issues with receiving gifts. I am compelled to do and to give in order to prove, mostly to myself, that "I'm okay." That I can hold myself and my world together. This doesn't work. Not as a Christian. Not as a human.

It certainly doesn't fit with the nature fasting and it ruins this awesome week for me every year.
So, in keeping with this time my life, God is offering me a chance to learn something new about Him. He's letting me learn about not being strong, about humility, about not being enough. He's giving me a chance to learn to receive.

We're all neurotic in some way. If your neurosis sounds a bit like mine, let me invite you to learn how to be weak with me. Even if you aren't doing it through fasting (though I'd welcome the company!), let's learn how to receive from God, together.

You can listen to an encouraging message on prayer, fasting, and this upcoming week by my pastor at

Even if you aren't fasting, even if you jump aboard late, even if you don't participate every day, I'd love for you to join me and hear how things are going for you as well! Visit to join in the live webcast and I'll be posting on twitter via @sarah_e_brewer using the tag #prayandfast.

How can I pray for you this week?

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