Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh Happiness!

Today has everything in it's favor.

It's friday, it's summer, the sun is shining, and I am loving life. This weekend Dan Merchant is coming up from Portland to host a Q&A after the showing of the documentary Lord Save Us From Your Followers at the Masquers Theater in Soap Lake (Saturday at 7:00 and Sunday at 1:30). I have spend the past four weeks full of anxiety thatt the whole thing was going to fall apart and it would be my fault that I have not had a chance to be really excited about the film, the fact that it is here in little Soap Lake, and that Dan decided to come up for it. It has really been miraculous from day one. But instead of enjoy the miracle, I've been a bundle of nerves.

          It's a welcome change to be excited, not only for the film but all that it represents. The film is so good not because it has a exellent writing, editing, or because Dan is so engaging (all very true) but because it offers a tiny reflection of the grace of God. There is nothing so beautiful as loving grace (which is why I love the book Les Miserables).

All of these things work together to make today a good day. But, because cake is nothing without frosting I happened to hear Oh, Happiness by David Crowder Band this morning and it just put it over the edge. Oh, happiness indeed!
Have an amazing Day!
Sarah Elizabeth

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  1. I'm praying that everything goes fabulously for you this weekend! Wish I could be there!