Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Reviews

I've still yet to officially review Anna or The Hiding Place. Apologies. But, in the spirit of progress, I'd like to recommend a couple new and short reads to you:

  1. Where Love Is, There God is Also, a nice and quick introduction to the writings of Tolstoy, one of the most celebrated authors of all time. A nice side note for those of us in the "Christ Camp" is that one of Tolstoy's chief struggles in life was in regard to his faith, so many of his writings include vicarious debates and musings. Thus we get to read some incredible philosophizing on these concepts while enjoying his mad literary skills. Though I'd of course be the last to brag, he's also a nice rebuttal example when the haters bring up Hitler, and the KKK. Home team.
  2. The Funeral Oration of Pericles, if you have even the remotest interest in the foundation of the formation of the United States of America or of democracy give this a read. Even as a bit of a closet pacifist, I found it stirring. But if Pericles doesn't grab you, try The Gettysburg Address. Lincoln was one of those gods of oration that truly mastered brevity, and this is a staple in the literary canon that every American simply must read and if the last time you read it was in 8th grade, you must read it again (incidentally, I finally had to google how many years were in a "score.").

For more, read my post on my Book Reviews.

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