Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BOLO: Earth Mirrors Heaven

Dia Daoibh!
Generally speaking, spring is not my favorite time of year. I do not enjoy the cold much and by the time spring rolls around I am so tired of the wet and cold that I cannot enjoy this season much. I have to admit however, that there are not many things that can bring me so close to heaven as sunrise on a spring morning. There is an ethereal quality about cool air, pale light, and the sounds of the earth waking. I don't appreciate that enough.
I took a walk this morning through the cemetery as the sun was rising and I had one of those moments when it seems as if you're breathing in more than just oxygen (& nitrogen, etc.); it's as if you're breathing in life. It's a lovely bit of irony that it is at a memorial for the dead that I feel so alive. Irony makes me smile. There was no purpose to that time, no goal nor subject of my ruminations, I was simply walking with my Friend and I realized that I had forgotten how easy it is to love Him. You see, it had been a while since I simply walked with God.
At any rate, it was at that moment that I realized how so much on earth seems to reflect the promise of heaven. The reflection is not clear, as in a mirror, but rather more like the whispery reflection of the sky in hot sand. These "heat waves" are created as the sand absorbs the heat of the sun and then, in turn, releases that heat back toward the sky.
It struck me that, though I do want to be purposeful in my love for others, I do not have to try to enjoy spending time with a friend. We are designed to love one another. It is our natural resting place to take joy in our relationships though, sadly, much happens to muck up the process. Every relationship we have, father, mother, sister, brother, friend, or lover, these are all just shadows of the relationship can have and will have with Him.
As we absorb the love of God, we become so saturated with it that, like waves of heat rising from the desert, that love emits from us in shimmering waves, hinting at the promises of heaven. I cannot comment confidently on all the other religious systems of the world, but I do know that, as a Christian, God designed a beautiful system for us as we pass time here on earth.
That, my friends, is something extraordinary in the ordinary.
Beannacht De leibh!
Sarah Elizabeth

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