Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thoughts on Witchcraft Pt 3

perhaps I do take an over-simplified view on this subject. but how can I not do so? the only way we can truly grasp something, understand it, find common ground with it...and thus grow to overcome our fear of it is by finding its roots. the foundation tells the secrets of a building- its stability, what it puts its trust it, how long it has been here, how long it will last, etc. these are the things that tell you the truth behind the pretensions. it is the same with every major religion, i believe -and am waiting for someone to come along and change my mind- that the historical beginnings of a religion are the key to understanding it. i'll go a step further and say if we had a complete history of the people of the world, we would see that all faith systems began in the same place with the same two people.

this is the case within our realm of history is it not? we are notorious plagiarizers and copycats- consistently twisting, revamping, and revolutionizing the same idea to come up with something a bit different but not truly separate from the original. scan back through your knowledge of human history and tell me when was the last time humans came up with anything new? you could compare it to the theory of evolution, really. each generation succeeds in changing and adapting itself to fit the current climate in which they live. the best adaptations are passed onto to their children and others kill themselves off. but we can never come up with something so completely different from the original that we cannot find some line to draw up from the 'new' to the original. its the same 'species' if you will; the 'new' idea can still mate with the original and produce fertile offspring :-) that may be a dangerously sweeping generalization but at this point i'm sticking to it. i know there are many people who would rush at me with 'example' of new species both in evolution and religion/philosophy. i admit i feel less confident in the land of science than i do over here in philosophy/religion.

i am growing to shrink away from the word philosophy as much as i would religion. not that its a bad idea, but because such words-philosophy, worldview, spiritualism, religion, belief system- seem to be used to mainstream and 'tame' what would more accurately be described as a living and active relationship with my Lord and Savior. these are our 'translations' into the world outside of Christ and i think they stink. they take away all meaning and leave it looking like just another network of beliefs that we have built up to house the life that we are living. no no it is the foundation, the walls, the roof, the HVAC system. christ IS the house, our house made without hands.

this is most definitely entirely tangential from my original posting. beg your pardon.

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