Thursday, July 10, 2008

yet another assertion of Christ's deity

i don't know how anyone who truly studies the bible with an open heart can deny the Jesus is God. true i approach scriptures already believing it but that does not change the evidence. it is not even that there is a single scripture that clinches the argument, although there are, arguably, several. it is rather the sheer volume of scriptures that state or even just imply this truth. the entire weight of the bible, it seems, rests on the assertion the Christ is God. i really should just post all the scriptures i find but here's one for today.

therefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the apostle and high priest of our confessions JESUS CHRIST who was faithful to Him who appointed him as moses also was faithful in all His house. for this ONE has been counted worthy of more glory than moses, inasmuch as 'He who built the house' has more honor than the house, for ever house is built by someone but 'He who builds all things' is God. -heb 3:1-4

lets see if i can build a little syllogism here...
Jesus='he who built the house' (via the analogy in vs3)
'he who builds all things'=God (v4)
'all things' includes 'the house'
God= 'he who built the house'
Jesus =God

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  1. ok i had to add this little gem from 'my utmost for his highest':

    "The aim of a spiritually vigorous saint is "that I may know Him . . ." Do I know Him where I am today? If not, I am failing Him. I am not here for self-realization, but to know Jesus Christ. In Christian work our initiative and motivation are too often simply the result of realizing that there is work to be done and that we must do it. Yet that is never the attitude of a spiritually vigorous saint. His aim is to achieve the realization of Jesus Christ in every set of circumstances."
    oswald chambers