Monday, October 8, 2007

thank you, God

...for the homosexuals
...for the child molesters
...for the suicide bombers
...for the serial killers
...for the liberals ;o)
...for the alcoholics
...for abusive fathers and husbands
...for destructive wives and mothers
...for the bullies
...for the dictators
...for the prostitutes
...for the liars
...for the cheaters
...for the weak
...for the haughty
...for sexual deviants
...for me...

Lord may we abhor sin, may we shun it in all forms, but may our hearts abound in love toward that which the world find detestable. may we shower them with love. thank you for creating every man and woman on this earth and giving them the ability to disobey your word, for loving them despite their decisions, for meeting them in their weakness...for demonstrating your strength in them, thank you for dying that they have a chance to know you, thank you for not requiring perfection, thank you that while we were yet sinners you died for us, that you were slain before the foundation of the earth. thank you God that your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Forgive us Lord, we know not what we do! Have mercy on your broken and fallen people,

Psa 106:21a, 23
[The people] forgot God, their savior...So he declared he would destroy them. But Moses, his chosen one, stepped between the Lord and the people. He begged him to turn from his anger and not destroy them.

Eze 22:30 ...I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn't have to destroy the land, but I found no one.

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